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Henleycraft have been manufacturing high performance GRP Lift Pit Liners for over twenty years. The ease at which our rigid GRP Pit Liners can be installed has proved invaluable to the building industry. Providing a totally damp and water proof maintenance free system. Our GRP Lift Pit Liners can be delivered on site ready to be installed immediately, in all weather conditions.

To determine the size of the GRP Lift Pit Liner you require, calculate the inner lift shaft dimensions, add on the thickness of the lift shaft inner block wall both sides then add to this 85mm. This will determine the Inside Top dimension of the GRP Liner for which we work to. Alternatively print off the pdf by clicking on the link below, fill this out and sent it to us or click on the form button at the top of this page, fill out the form and press the Submit button.

Once delivered simply install the rigid GRP Liner inside your outer block wall. Lay a concrete screed in the base and construct your inner block wall. The 100 mm flanges sit on top of the outer block wall situated above the damp coarse.

Standard sizes are manufactured and supplied along with bespoke sizes to suit customers lift shaft dimensions. Constructed from Glass Reinforced Plastic Composite, consisting of layers of emulsion bound chopped strand glass fibre and woven roving glass fibre, impregnated with a polyester resin and coated on either side with a isophthalic gelcoat, with a typical thickness of between 6 and 10mm. Both resin and gelcoat are approved by Lloyd's Register of Shipping or equivalent.


When deciding on the size of your GRP Lift Pit Liner you will need to take into account the following factors

  • The overall depth of the Lift Pit

  • The Inner Block Wall dimensions, on each side

  • The thickness of screed in the base of the GRP Liner

  • Allowance for a minimum cavity of 75mm between your inner and outer wall

  • The dimension between the top of the GRP liner and the top of the floor

  • The lift shaft dimension

The standard GRP Lift Pit Liner dimensions are as follows

  • Internal top 1980mm x 1980mm

  • Internal Bottom 1950mm x 1950mm

  • Height from Internal Bottom to Top of Flange 1220mm

Custom sizes are made to order

All sizes are subject to a 20mm tolerance.

Conditions of sale

The GRP Lift Pit Liners are manufactured to the dimensions requested and are subject to a 20mm manufacturing tolerance care must be taken when deciding on the size of the GRP Lift Pit Liner. The integrity of the GRP Lift Pit Liner will be compromised if it is damaged for example punctured holes cut in it or similar, Henleycraft Ltd accepts no liability if the liner is damaged in any way. The illustrations are for reference purposes only and do not in any way suggest or advise how a lift shaft pit or similar should be designed or constructed. Supply Only.

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